Our blue voyage was not only the most relaxing, beautiful, enjoyable vacation I’ve ever taken. It was also the most effortless. Juliet and Cem had planned for everything. We had several stops we wanted to make on the way to the boat and they found ways to make it all happen easily and inexpensively. We visited the kinds of places you dream about for the rest of your life, places so remote and untouched and magical, you wonder how they can still exist. Our only regret was that we didn’t schedule a longer tour.
— Brendan D., San Francisco
This easily ranks up there as one of our all-time best trips. Cruising the beautiful, rugged Turkish coastline in a fantastic and comfortable boat. In the morning, waking up to a pristine turquoise cove. Swimming all day. Drinking and eating to our hearts content. Followed by an incredible gourmet dinner. And the next day we did it all over again.
A Blue Voyage is one of those experiences you must have at least once in your life. And we plan to have it a lot more than once.
Cem and Juliet at True Horizon Travel impeccably arranged all of the details. From the boat and its gracious captain and crew, to all the food and drink, and travel arrangements. They made the whole experience seamless.

I can’t wait for our next Blue Voyage.
— Matthew C., Istanbul
My boat trip with True Horizon Travel was the experience of a lifetime. Truly, it was the best trip I’ve even taken. Not only was the whole thing extremely affordable and well-organized, but the boat and crew were amazing, friendly, and awesome cooks. Everything about the trip was great - six days of paradise in the Aegean Sea. I plan on doing another trip through True Horizon Travel as soon as possible.
— Linnea N., Oakland
My husband and I have done this boat trip two years in a row and would continue to do it every year if we could! The captain and his staff were attentive, kind, professional and accommodating. The boat was clean and spacious, the meals were incredible, and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. I highly recommend the blue voyage experience.
— Haley B., New York
During an amazing trip to Turkey, Juliet and Cem organized what has easily become the most incredible trip of my life. Everything from the exceptional food prepared for us every day by the crew, to the amazing scenery and relaxing atmosphere was simply perfect! Waking up every day on top of the boat floating between the Aegean and the Mediterranean, swimming in perfectly clear turquoise waters, and visiting ancient Lycian tombs and beautiful coastal towns is something I will never forget. Juliet and Cem made all aspects of our trip easy and comfortable. From our arrival in Istanbul, to the drive down the coast everything came together seamlessly. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
— Fiona M., San Francisco
Juliet and Cem set up a True Horizon trip for me and my family, and it was the most perfect experience. We didn’t have to worry about anything other than showing up! They had ideas and answers for the incidentals that came up along the way, and they set everything up so that the trip was simply easy and fun. The cruise itself was stunning, gorgeous, relaxing, everything we hoped for and more. Also, I cannot speak highly enough of the crew on the boat: their cooking skills (incredible!), their kindness, their ability to make us feel at home. I only wish we could’ve gone for longer!
— Elise N., Oakland
True Horizon was an incredible agency to travel through. They not only made sure to take us to the most breathtaking places, but we were practically alone in each cove every day and night! We were also able to take short day trips using the yacht as our ‘home base’ and go see ancient ruins and the like!
They made everything so easy, from ordering the food we wanted (a mix of traditional Turkish and mediterranean as well as the familiar American cuisine) to getting from place to place in the country, a feat in itself.
Basically, I cannot say enough how convenient and easy they made an international trip; I could not have done any of it without them. Obviously, we HIGHLY recommend!
— Katie S., Louisville
Kristin and I bought round trip tickets to Istanbul. Cem and Juliet arranged all the travel plans in Turkey and they totally exceeded all our expectations of a unique and marvelous vacation adventure! From exploring Istanbul, to the ruins of Ephesus, to visiting a quaint mountain village, to an amazing boat tour on the Aegean Sea, Cem and Juliet had us covered. They planned out where to go, travel arrangements, and guided us through an amazing foreign land.
We have memories to last a lifetime of our amazing trip! The boat tour (5 days on the Aegean Sea) was so amazing it is hard to describe without pictures. I cannot say enough good things about the boat crew… Spectacular food, friendly, genuine, professional.
We are very grateful to Cem and Juliet as this trip would not have been possible without them!
— Peter N., Minneapolis
I’ve had some amazing opportunities to travel in my lifetime but I can, hands down, say that my Blue Voyage with True Horizon holds special spot at the very top of my list. Juliet and Cem did a superb job organizing every last detail of a trip that I won’t soon forget. It was a great balance of the perfect opening act, a few days of idyllic Mediterranean beaches in Kas followed by five perfect days on the sea. From the boat, to the crew, our ingredients/food/drink for the duration of the voyage, to sorting ground transportation and everything else in between — I didn’t have to concern myself with any of the stress inducing tasks of planning a vacation with so many moving parts. More importantly, I felt like I was getting a more authentic local experience. It was, without a doubt, a trip of a lifetime spent swimming in crystal clear waters surrounded by breathtaking scenery, befriending the most hospitable crew, and eating the most delicious food. I’ve told all of my friends about this truly unforgettable time and can’t wait to round up another group to experience another wonderful trip with True Horizon.
— Isaac A., New York
I’m having trouble finding the words to write a review that can aptly describe how amazing my trip and overall experience was, but I’ll do my best to explain why every person must indulge in the customized experience that Juliet & Cem so loving and expertly arrange. As someone who comes from a family in hospitality and currently works for a company that deals with arranging events, it was so incredible to not only be able to be able to just sign a check and everything was taken care of, but that it wildly exceeded my expectations on all levels. Not to mention I kept thinking they did the math wrong because I was shocked at how affordable it was!
Our trip was 3 days in Kas followed by 5 days on the Aegean. I’m from Miami and have been to many beaches but I’ve never seen beaches or water like this. Everyday we’d exclaim how stunning the scenery was, and each day was more magnificent than the last. I felt for the first time I was on a trip that truly transported me to another world - as if it were something of a fantasy that doesn’t really exist but in stories. What a remarkably refreshing change from the usual Western European or Bahamian trips we’ve had in past.
The crew Juliet & Cem assembled and know personally (which was nice to have that added layer of connection/accountability) was perfection - they were attentive, kind, helpful, informative & perfectly balanced in terms of being there when you want or not. I can honestly say it’s some of the freshest, best food I’ve ever had (no joking, I would go back just for that - and this is coming from someone whose family is in the restaurant world!)
The best part of having Juliet & Cem’s crafted trip was feeling that you got to experience the best of what the locals do/know, and not wonder if we should have done this or that. We always felt like we got the best deal in town and we also never once felt out of our comfort zone, being in a foreign country that is further east than we usually venture. We felt welcome and taken care of - what more could someone possibly ask for! I’m taking a whole new crew of people next year, so I’ll let the fact that I’m a repeat customer speak for itself now.
— Rawley B., New York